Evaporation from salt lakes

Through the
evaporation of natural
brines, sulphate salts are extracted
from the Dead Sea, the
Caspian Sea, the Great Salt Lake
in the United States and
salt lakes in China
and Africa. Extraction
from normal sea water is
possible in theory, but
it contains only
a small amount of the
necessary elements and the
process cannot guarantee
commercial effectiveness.
Special artificial
tanks are dug close
to the sources of natural brines.
Some companies even
construct special channels to
deliver water.

The water in these
tanks evaporates, then the salt
remaining on the surface
is collected with earthmovers.
The resulting raw material
undergoes mechanical cleaning
and is sent to production.
For treatment of
evaporated salt the same
methods are used as
for ore treatment,
though there are
some technical