How much K plants need

Recommendations on the
application of fertiliser depend
on many factors: crop yields, crop
composition, irrigation system and soil fertility.
To check how many nutrients there are in the soil, farmers need to regularly send soil samples to the laboratory for agrochemical testing. Fertiliser application plans are based on the examination results.
The following table shows the average constitutions ​​for some crops, recommended by the International Potash Institute (IPI).
General recommendations
on the use of fertiliser for different crops
Average fertiliser application recommendations
Recommended application (kg/ha)
Rice Wheat Corn Peanut Potato
N 120 120 120 30 150
P2O5 60 60 60 40 60
K2O 60 60 60 40 150
Responsible for protein formation in plants and growth
Plays an important role in plant root development
A natural compound residing in soil, responsible for crop formation and nutrient accumulation in plantsPhosphate Plays an important role in plant root development